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Prevalence of overweight and obesity among adolescents is becoming a global problem facing individuals across the developed and developing countries. At present, mobile diet monitoring application that available in market are designed based on eating habits and physical activities of western societies.


This app focuses on implementing diet monitoring application for Malaysian overweight and obese adolescents using augmented reality technique on Windows Phone 8 platform. The architecture of the application consists of Augmented Reality engine and user interface which are integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio. SLARToolkit was used to build the Augmented Reality engine which is used for marker detection.


Based on testing and evaluation results, it shows that the application can help adolescents in diet monitoring. There were 17 respondents out of 22 respondents aged between 14-19 years who filled in the self-administered questionnaires were satisfied with the application. This app can potentially benefit to the Malaysian adolescents and indicates promising future works in the area of Augmented Reality for Windows Phone 8 platform.


  •  Combination of AR technology in diet monitoring application
  •  Help user in diet monitoring.
  •  Include nutrition info of food from McDonald's Malaysia
  • BMI and BMR calculator
  • Calorie burning calculator
  •  A mini exercise game - Boxing Game
  •  NO internet connection is required

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